Introverts Unite!

Last week was National Introverts Week (really, who comes up with these??) and I spent it being very much not introverted.

I taught a yoga class, took yoga classes, started physical therapy for my foot (more on that later), went to a zillion meetings (both for work and my yoga studio), oh and I got recognized for doing a good job at work (yay!) and had to (got to?) stand in front of a room of people to get the award. Wish y’all could have seen my face. It was bright red!!

According to an extremely scientific quiz I took (🤷‍♀️), I am actually an ambivert–neither strongly an introvert or an extrovert. I do prefer to think that I’m an introvert, though, because I find myself gravitating toward introvert-type things like staying home, reading, snuggling with my husband and dog, and other things that can be done on my own.

Even when I go out, I prefer having time to just hang out with myself. I really love toting a book around and reading at a coffee shop or my favorite gelato shop in town. If I go shopping, I like to be on my own and take my time to look at things.

And once I’m home, it’s incredibly hard to get me to leave the house to go do things. Once I’m out, though, I can stay out for a little while.

The reason why I really believe I’m an introvert, though, is how draining being around people can be for me. For example, on Saturday I took a yoga class, got my hair cut and then had a staff meeting at my yoga studio–all back-to-back. I was fulfilled, happy and incredibly exhausted when I got home. I love my people and I like having conversations with others and participating in group events, but at the end of the day, I just want to be in my comfy chair either looking at my phone or reading a book. One day I might even keep myself from looking at Instagram while I’m in recharge mode, but I haven’t gotten to that level of unplugging yet!

On Sunday I tried to take a little break. I think I succeeded for the most part! I had a meeting to go to that evening, but other than that, I did pretty much nothing. How’s that for cooling it?;)

I kept trying to think about my post last week, which was essentially giving myself advice because sometimes that needs to happen. I need to try to slow down and give myself a rest, and I couldn’t think of a better time to do it than at the end of National Introverts Week.

Changing gears a little bit, I have received some hopeful news about my foot from my physical therapist. I started last Monday and she checked out all my aches and pains with my foot and now my knee. Turns out, the toe joint that’s giving me the most pain has just lost its full extension (where you pull your toes back to the top of your foot) and my brain is just interpreting that as pain.

She gave me some exercises for that and also to build strength in my hips, which will help build strength in my knees. I didn’t realize how weak they already were, but wearing the boot and limping kind of exacerbated some issues I was having already.

A week later and I’m already getting more extension in the toes. I’m so happy this is something I’m going to recover from quickly as long as I’m keeping up with my exercises and going to physical therapy!

I’m going to see her for five more weeks (maybe less at the rate I’m going!) and y’all, you have no idea how excited I am to get on track to have normal movement in my foot again!!

ALSO, in more exciting news, I am getting my very own class (!!!) at my yoga studio! I’ll be adding a schedule to my page once that class is up and running so y’all can come yoga with me!



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