A Bullet Journal Update

We meet again, daylight saving time. My archnemesis.

I mean, c’mon, how could I not dislike a time of the year that takes away an hour of sleep from me and screws up my sleep cycle?

Surprisingly, I got a lot of stuff done today for lack of an hour. I have a feeling, though, I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I have to actually be at work and functional.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging and how I really want to try to keep up with it more. (She said for the millionth time.) But I went a step farther and actually planned out posts for the next month! The question is now, will I actually write them?

I think I also need to focus on not writing such long posts and just write. I have a tendency to overanalyze everything and I think that plays into my lack of writing for such a long time.

It’s been such a long time, I thought I’d update y’all on my current planning system.

As you may have seen if you’ve been following my Instagram feed, I began using a Passion Planner at the beginning of the year. I still really like it, but it lacks space for the lengthy to-do lists I need each day, so the Bullet Journal is still part of my system.

Over the weekend, I picked up an A5 Leuchtturm1917 at my local bookstore. I was using an A6 Leuchtturm1917 (you can see it in the background of my featured image), but I missed having a bit more space for notes. Plus, I just really like a good use of white space. I also picked up my first Nuuna notebook–it was a total surprise they even had them! More on that one in a later post. 🙂

I’ve been using the traditional to-do list along with a timeline element to help me plan out my whole day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s nice to have more of a plan than just picking and choosing what want to do in that moment. I find I can drag my heels that way.

Any-hoo, that’s my update. Happy planning everyone!


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