Where Have I Been? And two videos just for you!

Hello everyone!

It has again been a while since I updated you on my life. The last time I wrote, I had just started the low-FODMAP diet and had begun Bullet Journaling again.

I’ve basically been doing the same thing this whole time. Eating carefully and working on my Bullet Journal. It took me a really long time to get used to the eating regimen. I still have days where I have symptoms, so I finally made an appointment with a GI doctor and a dietician.

The GI doctor told me I either have an allergy issue called eosinophilic esophagitis (had to look that up!) where your esophagus gets enflamed when you eat certain foods you’re allergic to, or issues with the flaps that cover different tubes when I swallow. So he scheduled an endoscopy, which I had done yesterday.

The endoscopy was to diagnose the EoE and just get a general look down there. I was still a little woozy when the doc came in to explain, but it seems like I was pretty normal except a narrowing of the esophagus near my stomach, so they stretched that part (they can do that?!?!) and I guess I’ll hear the rest of the results when I go back again in May. So far away…

The dietician appointment was more interesting. I was able to talk over my diet and basically my whole life with an expert on IBS and low-FODMAP. See my video above for more on what she said. 🙂

But I did come out of that feeling a lot more confident than I have in a long time about what I’m eating and I’ve started meticulously keeping track of what I eat and when, along with when symptoms happen. It’s tedious, but I’m hoping it’ll help me get to the bottom of this. Or just give me a plan to stick to that’ll keep me from having too many symptoms. Plus, I really really really want to be able to eat dairy and wheat again. (I just want some f#@*ing cake!)

Anyhoo, I also have a new Plan With Me video for March. I was productive last weekend! But it took me a while to edit the video, plus I was resting yesterday, so didn’t get to write this blog post or upload the video. I’m hoping I can keep up with the videos a little more. Maybe some vlog-style stuff, too.

Check out the video below:

I will keep you all updated with what’s going on with my stomach. I have a few more tests to do and more appointments ahead. Plus, I am starting to reintroduce some foods into my diet to figure out trigger foods. So I will keep a log of that, too.

Enjoy, and HAPPY MARCH!


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