Chic Sparrow Unboxing & New Day Designer

I’m back from vacation!

I had intended to post this latest video to YouTube the Friday before I left, but I got so busy with packing and making sure our apartment was clean(ish) that I ran out of time.

Oh well!

I figured since I had only posted one video so far, no one was waiting for a second one.Plus, I hadn’t said for sure if I’d continue or when I’d post. So, there. 😛

I seriously had so much fun putting together the first one that I decided once I’d gotten my new Chic Sparrow inserts in the mail and found this amazing planner at Target, I wanted to do another! I even filmed this before I’d even posted the first one.

I learned a lot from making this particular video. I definitely went on too long, and for you folks who have short attention spans (ahem, like me), I will try hard in the future not to drone on or talk about more than one thing.

Anyway, enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments either on my channel or on this blog post.


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