Hello, friends!

This is not my first blog.

From LiveJournal to Tumblr to Blogspot, I have had so many blogs, I’ve since forgotten their urls and usernames. They are lost to time and the black hole of the Interwebs.

Buuuuut I’ve never been as excited about starting a blog as this one. I came up with this name and theme I truly love a few months ago and I have had so many ideas since, it’s filled up an entire page in my Bullet Journal! This is seriously going to be a blast. 🎉🎉

If you’re curious about my blog’s name (and didn’t see the description on the home page), it’s a combination of my love for Bullet Journaling/planning and yoga. “Plans” is obvious, but not everyone knows the meaning of “Prana.”

Prana is the breath, it is life, it is what keeps us going. This word in my blog has so many meanings. I will write about life in general on here, I will write about yoga, I will write about the life force that keeps me going even through horrible, dark panic and anxiety attacks.

Prana is what you focus on when life gets you down. In yoga class, I focus on my breath to get through a difficult pose, but I have expanded it to include anything I’m having trouble with in life. In stand-still traffic? Focus on your breath. Having a fight with a friend? Focus on your breath. Did you just accidentally kick dog poo all around your house right before you were about to head up to bed? (This seriously happened to me.) Focus on your breath. (But breathe through your mouth, because you don’t want to smell that shit!) 😂💩

The plan, for now, is to post once a week, and I’m shooting for Mondays. That way, I can work on my post over the weekend and be free as a bird during the week to do whatever challenge I’m participating in over on Instagram or maybe some posts on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m also planning to start making videos for YouTube if I can figure out the logistics of it. In my other life as a journalist, I was trained on how to make videos, but I rarely had to actually be IN FRONT of the camera. I get all nervous and chatty when I’m on camera, even if I know I can always delete it.😳

If you haven’t noticed already, I have changed my Instagram and Twitter handles to match the Plans and Prana theme. I want to make it easy for y’all to find me and to make sure all of the media I’m using match each other.

As is obvious with my blog name, I will probably write mainly on Bullet Journaling and yoga. However, if you’ve followed me at all on Instagram, you know I have an anxiety disorder and talk a lot about it. Writing about it is cathartic for me and I hope it’s inspirational for others.

I’m also slightly obsessed with my dog, Baillie, so I might talk about her a lot. Oh, and I’m married. So my wonderful husband may make an appearance every once in a while!

Thank you very much for stopping by! Please click the Follow button on the right to get updates by email. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too, for alerts when I’ve uploaded a new post.

I’m so excited for this new adventure. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!☺️



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